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According to research conducted at Heriot Watt University, pink comedies often lead women to relationship difficulties with their partner. The expectation is in fact that the partner must understand at once their desires and their needs, even without having to communicate them explicitly, as it is expected that true love is decided by fate, as a sort of predestination and therefore be “perfect”. With the best 3d sex games the deals are perfect.

The pink films, according to the research, are able to convey the excitement and interest present in the relationships just blossomed, but become unrealistic when they tend to make believe that trust and love can exist from the first moment, without them they must be built and pursued over time, through mutual attendance, knowledge and the many other mediations that lead the two partners to establish the rules of their relationship.

Men, on the other hand, as we said, are attracted to the sexuality that the woman manages to emanate and expect sexual behavior from her very close to those observed in women of pornography. For example, the male attraction for a woman is mainly linked to sex shows a research conducted at the University of Rochester, where it was shown that men pay great attention to the images of women in which there is a red color (color symbolically linked to passion, to blood, to life).

Having to answer questions such as: “How attractive this person looks like you?”

It was seen that the subjects were more willing to evaluate positively the photos of women dressed in red, or even those where the red was present only in the frame outside the photo. In his latest book (Why Him? Why Her? – Henry Holt), Helen Fisher, who for years has been studying the attraction between partners, falling in love, and love, argues that there are four chemicals to decide who we are and how we behave in love:

  • Two sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen and two neurotransmitters: dopamine and serotonin. He also talked about it in a previous work, but it is above all in his new that author associates these molecules with a specific type of personality.
  • The personality that is based on a great dopamine activity, for example, is that of the Explorer: an adventurous type, always looking for novelty, creative. Then there is the Builder, who is dominated by a strong activity of the serotonin: cautious, conventional, and managerial.

The Director is the type that has filled up with testosterone: aggressive, analytical, and determined. Finally, Fisher theorized the type Negotiator, influenced by estrogen and for this empathic, idealist, and thinker. According to Fisher the Builders attract each other, as do the Explorers; only Negotiators and Directors, on the other hand, are attracted to each other, as they wish to look for the other half of themselves and give life to a complementary couple.

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